What Really is in Your Heart?

How is your heart today?

What is on your heart today?

These questions solicit different responses from the typical decencies exchanged in our culture.

For the most part, our culture finds it necessary to ask how someone is, but rarely do we have interest in the truth or a response. We scurry on with our project and hope for a response like, “I am fine” or I’m pretty good-thanks.” Avoiding a connection that might actually share what “really” is in our hearts.

These exchanges tend to be even more constrictive and shallow among men in our culture. Men respond with one syllable grunts. Is this exchange a way of protecting our safety and vulnerability? It was for me!

Men are creators and warriors in so many areas in life but it is an extraordinary man who lives from his heart and has surrendered to the machismo archetype while still maintaining incredible power and intimacy.


We all have intimate moments when we perceive the space is sacred and safe. Next time you have this experience notice the physical space near your heart and how open and free this space feels.

What if we allowed our hearts to guide us into a balanced life with purpose?

The Awakening Leaders is a dynamic expression of masculinity in the 21st century that is awakening.

We need men to answer their calling and awaken their masculine heart. At our truest nature our hearts are wild and adventurous and my experience is that the adventure of learning to lead with my heart has been one of my life’s grandest journeys, a non-physical one that continues to challenge my emotional intelligence.

 — Douglas McGhee