Doug is a thought leader who is obsessed with challenging him self and others to see life differently so that life can be lived differently.

His personal journey as an entrepreneur, corporate executive, elite athlete, yoga instructor, and healer makes Doug a renaissance man in today’s culture of personal empowerment and breakthrough coaching.

He has been intentional, dedicated and committed to his personal work for over 20 years.

He believes “The Work” of personal development and self-improvement is a life style that continues until our final breath.

Being raised in a single parent household taught Doug independence and self-reliance.

Doug’s father was absent from the age of 3 and the wound of his father’s absence and alcohol abuse impacted Doug’s perspective of life.

Doug decided as a child that the mind was the strongest asset available and training and leveraging the mind became his life’s work.

At the age of 15 Doug recognized that life is truly “mind over matter.” A discussion he had with his mother while being driven to work and not knowing how he was going to bus tables at the local steak house with his broken wrist and the limitations from the massive cast.

The support structure and modeling from Doug’s mother, two brothers, his sister, his wife and his inner circle of coaches and advisors are the foundation for Doug’s emergence as a coach and thought leader in the human potential movement.

Many times throughout his journey Doug has questioned his insatiable hunger for a deeper and broader understanding of himself, of relationships and of life?

What’s wrong with me?

Why can’t I just live a normal life?

What is this magnetic pull?

Doug resisted his heart’s desire burying his truth in the quest for happiness in a material world. Holding executive leadership roles in financial service companies he founded as well as corporate roles.

He believes this is valuable to share because the scars and bruises and successes personally and professional are what makes Doug an effective and insightful leader and coach.

Doug’s transparency and genuine nature offer a unique environment for clients to explore beyond their mind set and identities that are limiting their own expansion.

Currently, Doug is the lead coach and founder of Realm.Men, the only virtual based experiential system offering personal and professional development for men of influence.

Doug’s mastermind initiatives for mortgage bankers confront the misaligned status quo and unhealthy behaviors present in a sector that is undergoing a dynamic reinvention.

Changing unhealthy behaviors and habits requires: commitment, honest self-reflection, consistency, community and accountability.

These five factors are the foundation for each initiative.

Doug’s is unique in his approach in helping others who are committed to their path today.

He is the author of two journals, which challenge and document what is required for men to live a four-dimensional life grounded in: Vitality, Leadership, Heart and Truth.

His personal and professional evolution from humble beginnings is profound evidence that imagination and the commitment to something greater are critical factors that will impact our life experiences.

For those who are desire a deep dive- Doug works with a select few one on one clients who are prepared and committed to exploring and expanding their impact to the world.

Doug McGhee